Deus Ex Melee Weapon Only Walkthrough

Return to Hell's Kitchen


We'll be covering the final visit to Hell's Kitchen here. You need to contact Harley Filben, find Stanton Dowd, and see Smuggler if you want to save his life. For invincible AIs, we have Harley Filben, Stanton Dowd and Smuggler.

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Back to the Kitchen

Once again we find ourselves in Hell's Kitchen. Jock drops us off at the roof of the 'Ton and we're supposed to meet Harley Filben at the Underworld Tavern. A walk across a narrow alley (with a possible stop at the 'Ton for a small amount of gear and two cops guarding the lobby) can't be hard, can it? However, before you do enter the bar make sure you have prepared yourself a way of getting back onto the ladder. The district is under martial law and it's going to get worse soon, so it's good to be able to get out of here as soon as possible. Also, a serious warning: however tempted you may feel, don't attack the riot cops! For every cop you bring down the game spawns - out of thin air, I saw it happen several times - two UNATCO troopers who will head directly to where the cop went down. And, as far as I can tell if you take them down you get another riot cop. Best ignore the fellows and go about your business.

It's not paranoia if someone's out to get you!

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The Underworld Tavern and Side Quests

Talk to Filben at the tavern and he'll set you up an appointment with Dowd in the ruins of the Osgood warehouse. He'll also ask you to kill Joe Greene, showing you a picture of the reported having a friendly chat with MJ12 people. If you hadn't killed (or rendered unconscious) him before, you'll be directed to the free clinic. We'll get to that soon, but first let's wrap things up where we are now.

In the main room of the bar you will meet Vinny, a Marine and a friend of Sandra Renton. Turns out the Naval shipyard he works at has been commandeered by FEMA... hmm. It's up to you to decide whether you agree to investigate or not, it doesn't change anything from the point of view of difficulty. Finally, you may ask Jordan Shea whether she knows anything about Dowd. Leave the way you came.

Perhaps UNATCO has more than one spy in the bar? Although to be fair we know the woman used to work for them!

Once outside, if you asked Shea about Dowd you'll notice new people walking around Hell's Kitchen: several leather-clad thugs. Coincidence? *Don't be fooled by their friendly nature -- they'll start pumping bullets into Dowd the second they see him. I never knew where they came from before, but you'll want to make sure they don't see Dowd as he won't be very talkative if he's being shot. Seems the woman may still have a few connections with UNATCO . . . TNT*

Go to the clinic. At the clinic you'll notice that it is closing, luckily the medbots remain available and there are several medkits scattered around the place. Talk to Greene. If you accuse of being a spy, he will sort of admit it and start running away. If you ask him for his side of the story, he will wriggle out of answering as usual. Either way, once you're done go back to Filben and talk to him, then back outside.

If you decide to enter the sewers you'll encounter a MJ12 sniper guarding the rotating bridge. It is quite likely he will see you entering if you enter through the wrong grate, so be careful. If you manage to get where he's standing, we'll be awarded 60 skill points. As far as I know, this and two biocells lying on top of one of the sewage pipes are the only valuable thing worth getting down there for a melee-only player. You'll have to jump down to get the cells and will probably hurt yourself in the process.

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Meeting with Stanton Dowd and Smuggler

As there isn't anything left to do, go to the remains of the Osgood place. If you're lucky, you'll find Dowd near a burning barrel. If you're unlucky, you'll find Stanton Dowd standing in plain view in the burned out building being pumped full of holes by the security 'bot and everyone else in the area. If this happens to you, put on some ballistic armour and take out the bot, but do not kill or knock out any humans. Instead, get their attention and lead them to the Underworld Tavern's front door. Exit through the back door, and you should have a clean shot at returning to Stanton Dowd.

Once it's safe, talk to him and you'll learn that the superfreighter carrying the Gray Death is indeed at the Naval shipyard, and that it is possible to scuttle it before MJ12 has taken the virus off the ship. He'll give you plans of the ship, and tell you he caught the plague, and could use some Ambrosia. At this point you can leave, or keep talking to him to learn more about the plot. If you do the latter, when you're about to leave Daedalus will warn you about incoming MJ12 troopers, who will come in force from the direction of the clinic.

At this point it is possible to leg it to the roof of the 'Ton and fly away. However, let us be thorough and visit Smuggler even though we don't need his explosives. Sneak down the street watching the robot, go past the basketball court, search the containers in the alley and go down the ladder.

Once you're at Smuggler's, talk to him and since we're not going to buy any explosives (there are no skill points for doing that), scold him for his high prices. He will then ask you if you have been followed. Myself, I always tell him the truth and advise him to run even though I never buy stuff from him. But, if you don't like the fellow you might assure him that everything is fine. Either way, raid his stash (thermoptic camo being the most useful) if you feel like it. Before leaving, hack his computer. You will discover a disturbing message...

Right, let's get out of here. Since MJ12 troops will be looking for you now no matter what, it will be easier to use the faster way out and ride the elevator instead of negotiating the bottleneck at the exit from the basketball court. Avoid the robot, run through the hole in the fence, up the ladder to the roof and get out of this crazy place.

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