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If you want to warn me of something that isn't working, give me encouragement, offer some advice, tell me that I need a life in the worst way, or say anything in general about the site, give me a shout! I'm TheNightTerror over at the TTLG Forums, you can contact me there via PMs, or, if you'd rather, you can e-mail me at the following address: thenightterror(at)


As usual, what would be my site without more than a few special people being thanked?

Marecki deserves the biggest thank you for taking it upon himself to finish the walkthrough. He went through what I wrote, filled in the blanks, then wrote everything I hadn't done himself, there were only a handful of places left for me to expand during my final update. I never would've finished it myself, and I was considering taking the whole walkthrough offline because people nagging me to finish it was driving me crazy.

Nameless Voice, for all of the help he gave me getting my new web site on its feet. He provided me with quite a bit of useful advice for playing the game, and hosted the site when it was still a work in progress so I could easily read it while I replayed the game, and helped me sort out the code. Also, he deserves an extra thank you for putting up with all of my bullshit in general!

Enchantermon, yet again, saved my ass. In fact, he's wholly to thank (or perhaps to blame?) for the new walkthrough getting as far as it did while I was working on it. I was running into general protection faults galore, and despite efforts from the Deus Ex forums goers to help me kill them, he was the one who suggested I try running the game in a window. Voila, no more GPFs when I switch to a word processor, making it far easier to work on my walkthrough! Thanks man!

Averroes / raph, for hosting this site, as well as the sister site about completing System Shock 2 melee weapon only. I lost my FTP login information a long time ago and was more than a little worried I'd have no way to replace the horror show that was the original site, but he got back to me the same day when I wrote asking for the info.

Sathras, for alerting me to some typos.

Dam, for teasing me about trying Deus Ex melee weapon only enough times that I had to try it so he'd leave me alone. Then, for encouraging me to do a proper walkthrough, since the notes I took when I went through the game were rather . . . pathetic.

Ajare, for making me realize someone actually did care about my in progress walkthrough!


November 2, 2018

Or I could make a show of intelligence and simply use my saves to only replay the parts that needed more pretty pictures! Looks like the material of the walkthrough is finished, just gotta apply CSS styling and we're good to go here.

October 31, 2018

Finally finished coding in all of the screenshots I took . . . except I don't think I took enough, or at least the right ones. Looks like I really might have to replay the game again, I screwed up some sections that badly. Good times . . . except for the good part!!

October 18, 2018

Well, my screenshot run is finished, and I've taken a heap of notes for the walkthrough. Now I get to sort through almost 800 screenshots and see which ones are walkthrough worthy . . .

October 12, 2018

. . . you simply cannot make this shit up. I decided to recode this site for the web design course I'm taking, and I just finished proofreading and roughing out all of the pages today. The site doesn't use anything except header and paragraph tags right now, but at least I have a readable, fully functional site again!

October 12th, 2007

The rough draft is officially complete! Let's all have a nice round of applause for Marecki for finishing this beast for me! Now I just have to shine it up . . .

November 1st, 2006

I got all of the California pages, except for the stuff on Area 51, which I don't have yet, online. Just about there, thanks Marecki! :-D

June 20-23, 2006

Marecki bombed me good with more walkthrough pages, so I got to work updating pages. However, this time through, I started with all the stuff Marecki sent, but I hadn't added yet, and got all that in play. I've proofread every single damn sentence on this page, and I feel like I'm going to go crazy. I'll be announcing this site now, but as a beta version, since I've been horribly lazy in testing it.

April 1-2, 2006

I've finished the last of the HTML code converting, as far as I can tell, and I've started updating the walkthroughs with Marecki's additions, but I haven't added his full walkthroughs yet. If I could see the damned monitor, maybe I would tonight . . .

March 28th, 2006

I've just gotten the new directory set up for the final Deus Ex walkthrough. I decided to do it this way so I could play with the CSS styling myself, without completely screwing over the existing walkthrough.

January 22nd, 2005

WHEEEE! I'm drunk and overtired and I just got the new walkthrough, (which I thankfully wrote while sobre) online, you should be able to make it to the beginning of the Naval base mission alive now.

January 17th, 2005

All righty, I've written a walkthrough that should get you from the start of the game to the end of the generator mission in one piece, more or less. Although, I'm not sure my sanity came through in one piece, that remains to be seen . . .

January 13th, 2005

I've started working on a new site for my Deus Ex notes, and I'm going to work on trying to get a full walkthrough done for it one day. I don't know if I'll survive this big of a task, but it's worth trying.