Deus Ex Melee Weapon Only Walkthrough

Gas Station Rescue


TheNightTerror -- this mission is fairly straight forward, and not done all that differently in a melee only approach because virtually all of the stealthy approaches use melee only weapons anyway. Just take everyone out one at a time and try not to be seen!

A Damsel in Distress

Paraphrasing the memorable Sir George Head, OBE, "the goal of this expedition is to find out what happened to the previous expedition". Thanks to our good friend Bobby Page, this time we do have some idea on what happened to the previous expedition, so all that remains is to spring them out of there. All right, then! We are down here, the gas station is up on the plateau. The little building just ahead leads to the station's drainage system which we can use to get up, but considering the situation it must be heavily protected...

Are we done laughing? You guessed it, it isn't. Not only is it possible to simply power smash the door, there are no fewer than three (!) keys available as well: one by a corpse among the debris on the southern end of the area, one will be given to us by Fred (the male bum) if we talk to him, one can be taken off his female companion.

"You said it!"

Also, you will find Sandra Renton here if she survived her encounter with JoJo and ran off (this time I didn't meet her here, so please let me know what she carries).

TNT -- she did tell us she was mugged, poor little lady doesn't have a thing on her.

Either way, get up to the plateau, wait by the hole in the fence (in case you don't know it, there is in fact a proper gate there too, even if not that easy to spot) and clobber the soldier when he turns up. Now, take a peek around (or through) the fence in the direction of the station to determine where the commando is and have him join his friend as soon as he's not looking. One thing you should be extremely careful with is not to hit the fuel pumps, even by accident - JC can take them out with one blow only to be killed by the falling roof right afterwards.

With the perimeter secured we can proceed deeper into enemy territory. The second commando patrols the other side of the fence the first would walk by and is also pretty easy to approach, plus carries a key to the garage just behind him where Tiffany is being held. The third and final commando is past the cistern, patrolling along the fence there; his patrol route is fairly long and completely in the open, so he is best taken care of by simply waiting for him by the cistern and running up when he isn't watching. While already there, you can enter the cistern through the top hatches for 100 credits and some Zyme, as well as the second small wooden structure for a prod charger. Last but not least, it won't hurt to go behind the station and take care of the trooper and two dogs hanging out there before they can do anything to Tiffany on her way out.

Time for the actual breakout. There are a trooper and a MiB in the garage and both have a nasty habit of opening the makeshift cell and starting to attack the hostage the moment they spot JC. Well, almost - the soldier does, but the MiB runs to the alarm panel first; use this to your advantage (after all there is nobody he can summon and it gives you ample time to slice the grunt's throat) if you want to tackle them both personally. Then again my personal favourite here is to waste the suit when he is the closest to the trooper and let the ensuing explosion likely take care of the rest. Once the coast is clear, talk to Tiffany and lead her to the helicopter.

Well, at least you could help!

This is the last moment if you want to scavenge some more goodies in this area. Don't bother with the trailer, there is absolutely nothing interesting inside - on the other hand, the small shed on the other side of the yard contains a repair bot, a biocell, a soda, binoculars and 250 credits. It can be accessed via the door or the roof hatch, both of which are power-smashable. Last but not least, the station building will yield a lockpick, a medkit, 6 sodas, a biocell, 3 flares, 2 vials of Zyme, 3 candy bars, 2 bags of soy food and a water cooler scattered inside, along with another pair of binoculars on the false ceiling (the easiest way of getting there is to take a ladder from the outside) and a handful of skill points for getting down from there via one of the air vents.

Once you have finished looting the place, it's time to proceed to the submarine base.

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