1. Friendly Lands, Science Sector Part 1
  2. Not So Friendly Lands, Science Sector Part 2
  3. Medical Sector
  4. Crew Sector
  5. Science Sector, Part 3

Friendly Lands/Science Sector Part 1 / Top

When you step into the game, you'll be greeted with an exploding radar dish, falling debris, and then be in danger of dying when the sector decompresses. Least that's what the game wants you to think. In all actuality, you're in no danger whatsoever. When my cousins and I first played the game, we were stuck in that room trying to run up the piece of debris over the ladder for nearly an hour. Only when I played it again did I realize you were able destroy it. You just need the wrench on the corpse nearby.

Once you knock out the debris, head up the ladder. The whole escape is fairly easy, but I'll go through it anyways. You press the button to open the first door, and then you pick up the Cryogenics access card on the floor. Once you have it, go through the next door, and search the body. When you listen to the log, you know the code to the next door is 45100. Feels like home already, the code to the first code-locked door in SS1 was 451. Once you go through there, you see a woman being gunned down by a shotgun hybrid. Ouch! Go through the maintenance shaft, and drop into the next room. Charge the power cell you find in there, and get out. Now, things are much quieter.

Search the crate in the room you ran into, and get 20 nanites. Head left into the next room, with the dead body that has 10 nanites on it. If you look up, you'll see 2 metal bars sticking out from the walls and a doorway with no door up there. There's a few supplies on the metal bar farthest from the doorway, and the computer nearby has a secret. You can walk right through the top half of it. If you mantle onto the computer, you can lift the stuff off the bar. The speed hypo should be within reach if you simply jump, and if you run forward and jump you can get at the 6 standard bullets as well.

Items suspended on a beam.

So.....how's your long jump?

Once down, go into the next room, which has the upgrade units in it. 4 cyber modules won't get you very much, so liberate 4 more off a corpse nearby. Go into the next door, and lift a log off a crate. Sounds like they're talking about you. Polito was the one who gave the orders to put you in the recovery freezer after your surgery. Hmmm. You'll find 5 nanites actually inside the crate. Yippee!

Go through the hole in the wall and pick up a med hypo off the corpse. There's a door that needs a code to be opened here. Sure, you can hack it and have Xerxes announce that security access has been compromised, but why not just punch in 00000 and save some nanites? It's one of the few doors that has a code which isn't mentioned in a log anywhere. There's a BrawnBoost implant, and 2 speed hypos, behind it.

Leave the room, then go up the elevator, and into the doors on your left. Go up the ramp, and go to get the Science card in front of the corpse. Search the corpse, too, he has 20 nanites. There's *6* rifled slugs and a psi hypo behind some glass, shatter it and take them for yourself. Leave the room, and go left to where the red card slot is. Yikes, a ghost! Grassi, according to ShockEd. Lift the 20 nanites off the floor, and frob the card slot to open the door.

Not so friendly lands/Science Sector Part 2 / Top

There's a hybrid in the room with the glass windows to your left, and another one down the hall. If you go far enough through the door to trigger the e-mail, the one inside the room should come to greet you. If you're quick, you can creep forward far enough to trigger the e-mail, then leap back out of sight of the hybrid before he comes out the door. But where's the fun in that? Equip the BrawnBoost implant, then practice circle strafing those two ugly bastards. Once they're dealt with, and you've searched their bodies, go into the room where one hybrid came from. Inside the security crate is 21 nanites and 6 standard bullets. In the room next to the crate, there are chips on the floor, a bottle of liquor beside a crate, and a log in the desk.

Go back in the hall, and go left, and into the room with the resurrection station in it. There's a hybrid just begging to have a wrench imbedded in his skull. Go ahead, he won't mind. Once you've dropped him, pick up the log off the floor, get a psi hypo from the body bag about to be cremated, and go up the ladder to check the other body bag up there, there's a med hypo in there. Activate the resurrection station, wave at the swinging corpse, and head into the hall, and hang a right. Originally, this was the first awkward moment where you wish you had a gun, as there's a camera scanning the area you need to go, but Marecki told me of a much easier way to take it out. (Just don't try it in multiplayer! The camera will go off, no matter what.) Let's let him do the talking, shall we?

If you run straight ahead (so that the camera is on your left and the bulkhead on your right) and crouch right next to the counter, the camera won't see you! *Or if it does, this is a good place to hide to make sure the alarm doesn't go off.* Then, keeping an eye on the direction the damned thing is pointing, you can crawl around the counter to find yourself behind it, free to take advantage of the camera's dead zone and either beat the crap out of it with no haste whatsoever or even completely ignore it.

Once it's down, you can easily loot the place. Grab the power cell on the floor, then the log, a rad hypo on the other side of the computer, and another rad hypo on a ledge beside the hanging plant in the corner of the room.

Now, where to go next? Lets go straight down the hall to the room with the big sliding door. Once it opens you have a nice view of 'Remember Citadel' written in blood on the wall, and a big tube in the middle of the room, which has a screen on it showing off Xerxes' mug shot. Interesting. *Check between some beams in front of the door for 20 nanites.* Keep the wall on your left, and go to the body. He has a pistol with 8 bullets in it, although it doesn't appear to be there on Impossible.

Medsci replicator.

This is a really cheap med hypo replicator. Hack it, if you can, and the prices will be even cheaper

Keep the wall on your left, and pick up a log on the bench and the booze off the floor. Run around the corner and thwack the camera. There's a few supplies down the dip in the hall, but there's a turret who will shoot you to death if it gets the chance. If you disable the security, which isn't necessary at all to complete the level, then you can go get the 6 armor piercing bullets and the strength hypo down there. But, sometimes the strength hypo isn't on the ground, it's on a high ledge. (If, when you entered Med/Sci, you were thrown forward enough to trigger the first e-mail, you'll almost definitely find the hypo on the ground.) If it's not there, and you're not a very gifted jumper, don't bother disabling security for this section. Even if you destroy the turret and get bullets out of it, that combined won't even get you enough nanites to buy a med hypo on Easy.

Strength-hypo on high ledge.

Strength hypo + high ledge + slug turret = don't bother.

The other day, I decided to try for those armor piercing bullets on the high ledge. And I got them. I started running along the flat part of the hallway, and before the dip in the hallway, I leapt towards the ammo and the strength hypo, and as I flew past, I was able to grab not only the strength hypo, but the bullets. However, I stood still a little too long due to shock and was blown away by the turret after taking falling damage. It's fun to try, so if you want, go for it!

Anyways, head back into the hall going out the door by the body under the 'Remember Citadel' writing, and hang a left and go into the door there. Oh dear! There's a hybrid finishing someone off. Show him what it feels like to die, then swipe the other dead guy's 6 armor piercing bullets. There are some catwalks nearby, and a recharge station! How convenient! Too convenient. If you're a hacker now wouldn't be a bad time to take out the security systems. If you like to run for your life then leave everything as is. Go down, and lift the psi hypo off the top of the boxes in the corner of the room by the catwalks, *snatching a vodka bottle off the floor along the way.*

Head for the recharge station, and when the doors slide open to reveal two turrets, run for the safety of the recharge station. While you're cowering, Xerxes will inform you that the unauthorized usage of firearms aboard the Von Braun is a class 3 infraction. So there! You won't get in trouble when you're rescued. Inch forward and swipe the 10 nanites off the ground and the 2 cyber modules and 1 med hypo off the corpse. If you're patient, you can wait until you hear the turrets close.

Once you're done there, head into the chemical store room. There's another loaded gun on a corpse, there's 7 bullets. In the bottom crate are 12 bullets. Polito advises you not to carry all the chemicals at once, but you did read the section on the chemicals you'll need to research all the goodies on each research skill level, didn't you? You should know what chemicals you'll need to store for later by now, I recommend bringing Fm with you into the next section if you already have research skills. If you have enough modules to get something, go for it, then head into the bulkhead.

Medical Sector / Top

Once here, you can either raid the place and lift everything you can possibly get, or just take a nice, quick, easy route to get what you need. Me, I always raid the place, so when you first end up on the other side of the bulkhead, you want to go down the *far* hallway, where the hybrid is patrolling. Hide behind the wall and listen to his footsteps, once he's walked up the ramp and is going down the higher hallway, run around the corner, and imbed your wrench into his back.

Medsci corridor intersection

The hybrid's down there, so be careful.

Then, go into the room he was heading for, and listen to Xerxes chatting away. In the room, there's a surgical bed key on the floor underneath the desk, inside the desk, there's version 1 research software, and a log. There's an incomplete surgical bed nearby, but there's a complete one not far away, so just keep it for a better occasion.

When you leave the room, there's a ledge in front of you with 10 nanites on it. Hop across, pick it up, then crouch, and inch forward towards the drop until you fall. You shouldn't take any damage, and the monkeys in those glass tubes should stay calm. The glass will break once you get close enough, the noise will fully alert them, so be careful! They can't move out of those tubes, so don't take any chances, don't let them see you from a distance. Lift the log off the desk, and the psi hypo inside it. One of the corpses has 2 cyber modules on him. Next, it's time to show the monkeys who's boss.

Medsci laboratory with caged monkeys.

That's the wall you need to use to play hide-and-seek with the monkeys.

Go along the wall the farthest from the door, and run towards the wall that juts out slightly and will hide you from the monkeys. The glass will probably break, so be careful on the next leg of your run, which is to the glass tube on the far left. Once there, crouch, then step sideways and beat down the first monkey, and then sidestep and take out the other one. Hopefully you'll be able to lift one of their brains and research them. In the two crates in the room, there are 2 med hypos. Don't go out through the doors, you'll upset the turret. Shatter the glass window in the room and hop through there.

Once you walk up the ramp, head right down the hall and go into the first room on your right. Activate the resurrection station, get 17 nanites from the desk, and heal yourself if the monkeys were particularly nasty to you. This room's a fairly good place to run to if you need to be healed; I usually come here in the earlier parts of the game. Go back into the hall, and continue going the way you were going, towards the sound of a camera, then go in the first door on your left and take out a hybrid. This will probably upset all the monkeys within hearing range. Lift the med hypo off the corpse, and if you're hacking, get 6 standard bullets from the security crate.

Go back into the hallway, then charge it and destroy the camera. I usually practice my run-jump-kill technique on this camera, if you run towards it, then leap just before you get to it and swing your wrench, you should be able to take it out. Taking it out while airborne does the job faster than if you run under it and swing, and sometimes it can mean the different between the alarm going off or not. Once the camera's out, stop where you are, and listen carefully for the monkeys.

You should be facing a new hallway, if you stopped dead after taking down the camera. If you lean and look down it, you'll see a door and probably a monkey. From here on, I'll be calling it the left hallway. There's another hallway leading out of this area, if you turn around and go straight, you'll end up in it, I'll be referring to it as the right hallway from here on.

ICU dorridor with dead monkey and damaged security camera.

Left hallway, right hallway.

There are two monkeys down the left hall, one starts out in the room the door leads to, so you're safe from him for a short while. There's also another monkey down the right hallway. Worry about the ones on your left first, but listen to the other one carefully. On my last computer, he stayed put, even on different installations, but since I got my laptop he comes looking for me. My advice is if you hear his screeching getting louder, you'd better head back and kill him before he can shoot you in the back. Otherwise, stay right where you are. The monkeys will come to you. If you want to speed up the process, lean around the corner and let them see you, then back up and wait for them to run up to you.

*If you want to try for some goodies, once the two monkeys are dead, you can slip into the room the one monkey came out of. Don't waste any time, it's radiated and you don't have any way of protecting yourself just yet. To reward your haste, you'll find a log and a psi hypo in the desk, and a rad hypo and 23 nanites in a security crate. And, in the corner of the room by some computers and a window, there's a plant on the floor. But, if you're not hacking, it might not really be worth it.*

If the lone monkey never showed up, after you've killed both monkeys down the left hallway, go down the right hallway, past the ghost, and go into the room with the decontamination shower. He'll be in the radiated room, wait by the door, and bang on the wall until he comes out to greet you. Inside the first radiated room are a rad hypo, and a log. (To save some hitpoints, try to run to the shower before your take radiation damage, if you're quick, it can be done.) In the second room, there are 2 cyber modules on a corpse, 26 nanites in a crate, and a rad hypo in another crate. Once you have that, high tail it out of there and take another shower. Go back to the door that you ignored, and inside it you'll find 7 nanites, a log, a bottle of booze, and a plant.

Next, shatter the glass window across from the radiated room, then hop through it and stay away from the door. The breaking glass should be enough to upset the monkey into coming into the room, when he does kill him quickly. Next, run into the room and take out the camera. Do a running jump towards it, it should be fairly effective. Once it's down, search the desk in the room with the broken window and lift a med hypo.

Hop onto the ladder, which should trigger the Many speech, then climb up the ladder, and get some supplies. In the unlocked crates you'll find 20 nanites and a psi hypo, and in the locked one there's 26 nanites, and a pistol with 5 bullets in it.

Pistol suspended above open crate.

Well.....this is.....odd.....

Head back down, and lift the crew quarters key off a corpse, then get a med hypo and a log off the counter by the sink.

Head back to the main floor, and go into the room with the broken window, and the desk. If you want a suit of light armor, but aren't hacking, then leap through the window, then run left and hide behind the column. If you keep going down the hall you'll spy a room on your left. Pop in there to pick up a suit of light combat armor on a corpse, and a psi hypo in a crate. Then, head back to the crew quarters door. Go towards the turret, heading the other way triggers 2 shotgun hybrids, which isn't always a great thing.

Crew sector / Top

When you open the door, keep in mind there's a hybrid patrolling the length of the hallway here. He may be within sight when you open the door, he might not. Just remember while you're raiding the rooms that he's going to show up any second. In the first room on your left, there's a desk with a magazine on it, and a log in it. There are also 6 standard bullets in a recess in the wall. Back in the hall, on the first and only door on the right, there's lots of junk food, which you should get, eating some snacks in Engineering will be helpful. Sort of under the table in the middle of the room, on the side closest to where all the food is, there's a grenade launcher with 2 grenades in it. Unload it, and throw it away. Once you're done in that room, on the left side of the hallway is a rather banged up room, in the desk there are 6 rifled slugs.

Head through the big door in the hallway, and lift a log off the electronic equipment to your right. There's a small armory behind the locked door, but you cant get the code until Deck 4, by then you'll probably have forgotten about it. I opened the door early and checked it out *using the magic numbers 98383*. There's 3 grenades on a corpse, 2 bottles of alcohol beside him, an assault rifle with 4 bullets in it, 2 med kits and 12 anti-personnel bullets in a crate, 2 portable batteries in another one, and a suit of standard combat armor. By then you'll have found another suit of standard combat armor, maybe even heavy, so unless you need the batteries and med kits you might as well not bother.

Now, it's upgrade time! We've got all 4 upgrade units in a room across the hall from where the armory is, and there's even an OS upgrade unit. For advice on which to choose, see the upgrades guide. Once you're done, upgrade yourself at the regular stations however you see fit. There's a plethora of crap lying around in the upgrade unit room, when you leave this sector it couldn't hurt for you to throw everything into the bulkhead so it's transported with you. Just remember; the plants won't go with you. It's a strange thing, to say the least.

Next, it's time to raid the crew rooms. First, though, there's a pipe hybrid who will probably come up from the lower hallway fairly soon. Wait for him to show up, and kill him, out of sight and out of mind of the shotgun hybrid nearby. Then, it's time to search the rooms, we'll start with the upper ones. The first room has 3 bags of chips in it, the second one has *3* grenades in a desk, and a rad hypo in a locked crate. If you hack the computer, you can take down the shield blocking entrance to the closet. Take out the camera, then get the suit of light combat armor, the med kit, and the booze.

Security camera.

Where's System Shock 1's over-extended melee weapons when you need them?

The next two rooms are not only both in view of a camera which you can't reach very easily, but they don't have much in them. The closest room has a pack of cigarettes, a magazine, a mug, *and a plant* in it, so if youre combing through the levels and taking everything that can be recycled, then you can try for it. There's nothing in the next room, just some toilets, a pile of worms, *and 2 plants.*

Toilet. Broken toilet.

For some added fun, you can smash the toilets!

By now you'll probably have spotted the shotgun hybrid. I used to shoot him while he was so far enough away that I couldn't hear his death cry, but those days are long gone. I can barely use ranged weapons nowadays. Go down into the lower hallway, then get as close to him as you can. Listen to the camera, if you hear it go off run underneath the floor of the upper hallway. Hopefully the alarm won't go off. When the hybrid spots you, dive behind the nearest wall and wait for him to come up to you, then beat the crap out of him. Once he's dead, you can search the lower rooms in peace.

Hybrid corpse floating above flooded corridor.

First a floating pistol, and now a floating hybrid? Whatever happened to gravity?!?

If you feel lucky, you can actually destroy the camera that may or may not have spotted you when you were killing the hybrid. If you're not taking down security, this is still possible, but be forewarned, you'll need to be able to get on top of the railing under the camera, and fast. I recommend trying this on the other end of the railing. First, try mantling the railing. However, sometime Goggles just jumps slightly, like he tried to jump and banged his head off the roof. If this happens, back up. Then, walk forward and jump onto it. This should work, try backing up and running and jumping onto it a few times until you get the hang of it.

Once you're capable of doing this, go down the hall and run into the last room on the left, with the large open doorway. Wait until the camera's calmed down, then stand in the doorway and slowly move around until you can see the camera, but it can't see you. Wait until the camera's turned away from you enough that it won't see you, then take off running up the ramp to the railing, leap onto it, run under the camera, lean forward and smash it. Odds are good that you'll be on the verge of setting off the alarm by this time, but it's possible to do this without that happening. You can get the pistol while up there, I believe there's 5 standard bullets in it.

Whatever you do, you can now loot the place. Go all the way back to the first ramp leading down to the waterlogged area. In the hallway down there, lying in the water, is a corpse with 6 standard bullets on him. In the first room, there's a love log from Tommy to Rebecca, *and a plant under the desk.* In the second room, there's a psi hypo in a desk, *a plant beside the desk,* and a log by Polito. In the third room, there's a BrawnBoost implant in the trash can. Bring it with you, you can switch implants whenever the one equipped dies out. In the fourth room there's 10 nanites on a corpse, *and a plant behind her.*

In the fifth room, the one at the end of the hall, you need to hit a light switch to turn the lights in there back on. Once you can see, go to the crate, and look up. There's 20 nanites on a ledge up there, jump up and you should be able to reach it. *There's also a bag of chips between the wall and the fallen beam in this room, they're hard to see under the water.*

Chips on floor of flooded room.

Waterlogged chips.....yum!

In the other corner of the room, there's a ladder leading up to a narrow ledge. There's a wider ledge up there, hop over there and youll find 4 cyber modules on a corpse. Once you're done in that room, go into the room opposite, where youll find an R+D sector key. Once you have it, head back to the other sector.

Science Sector Part 3 / Top

Once you've returned from the Medical sector, head back into the hallway with the elevator in it. Just before the door to where the chemical room is, theres a hallway heading down to your right, with a camera. Stay behind the wall that sticks out a bit, it'll hide you from the camera. When you feel lucky, get ready to swing, then charge the camera, and destroy it.

Medsci corridor.

Hey, isn't this the hallway you saw at the beginning, where a woman was gunned down by a hybrid?

Head down the hallway to the first door on your left, then crouch, and walk in. There's both a hybrid and a monkey in here, they both need to die. The lights will go out when they're alerted, but you can turn them back on with a light switch in the room. *There's a plant in the first room,* in the next room there's 3 toxin hypos in one desk, and a log in the other. There's a security crate in an adjacent room, there's a med hypo, rad hypo, and 11 nanites in it.

Sometimes, the door that you use to get into the room doesnt open again, for me anyways. In fact, it's jammed so often that I've decided it's supposed to happen. The hybrid that you can see through the glass windows won't be able to open it either, and even if the door magically does open, he gets stuck running back and forth on the debris in the hallway, so maybe it's not so bad. You can shatter all the windows leading to the room he's in, so do that, then hop through the window into the room with him and beat him up.

There's a fallen air conditioning duct in the corner of the room, take it out and you'll find a med hypo under it. When you leave the room, lift a med hypo out of a body bag on a gurney. There's a hybrid in this lower section nearby, I used to have lots of fun using him as target practice, shooting him in various different areas, let's just say. Since you don't have a pistol, just jump down and kill him, then lift 20 nanites out of the garbage can. In the security crate, there's 44 nanites. Climb back out, then lift a hard to see log off the gurney across from the replicator. Incidentally, this is one of my supply replicators. I get med hypos from the first one you find, and toxin hypos from this one, whenever I run low.

This is a cheap toxin hypo replicator. Again, hack it, and prices are cheaper.

Open the door, and stay to the left, out of sight of the security camera. This one's a bit hard to get to. It's quite a ways down the hall and you have to run like hell, then leap, and destroy the camera before it sets off the alarm. It you can't get there in time, check to see if you have any keys bound so you can actually run. If you do, but still can't make it, then shoot up a speed hypo. You'll probably get hurt crashing into the wall, but hey, it's better than a security alert.

Once you've taken out the camera, go into the room to your left, and wave at the turret behind the unbreakable glass, it's the one guarding the ammo and strength hypo, then head into the smaller room, where there's a corpse with a pistol by him, with 11 bullets in it. Head back into the hall, *through the door directly ahead of you* and head into the door on your right. Lift 6 standard bullets from the overturned desk, a maintenance tool off the corpse, 6 anti-personnel shotgun shells out of a crate, 6 armor piercing bullets off the counter, and a log off the counter on the other side of the sink.

Head back into the hall, and pick up the bottle of juice on the floor between the two corpses. The far one has a speed hypo, and 12 standard bullets. Once the hall takes a turn, get the 6 shotgun shells out of the shotgun on the corpse in the room on your right. There's 6 standard some more bullets on a ledge to your left, once you're back in the hall, but take out the security camera first, then head into the room.

Once you're in the room with the hybrid, head down and beat him up. There's a corpse in the corner of the room with 6 armor piercing bullets on him, and a pistol with 1 standard bullet in it in front of him. When you approach Watts, he'll talk to you, and then two shotgun hybrids will show up. You need to trigger the conversation, then run back to the elevator and get right by the door before the hybrids show up. You'll be close enough to hit them before they actually get into the room and are able to shoot you. You won't actually be able to kill them before they get into the room, unless you ran real fast and actually got out of the room and down the hall before they were spawned. Once they're dead, get the logs off the guy whos now dead, and wonder if the stomach lying on the floor is his or not. Now you have the code to the maintenance conduit, so you should go there now, *after you swipe a med hypo in front of the blue tube thing down on Watt's level.*

Medsci replicator.

Uh.....Watts? I think you dropped something.....

When you reach the hallway, you'll probably notice the robot decided to get out and take a little stroll. Bang on the wall to lure him towards you, then when you can see him, charge him and get right in his face, and swing. Once he's dead, punch in the code to the door, 12451 for those too lazy to find out for themselves. (I just realized, 451 is in the second code in the game, too. I've played this game for 5 years and just realized that?) Inside the room, theres a corpse with a maintenance tool on him. Once you've violated his corpse, get ready for Engineering, then climb down the ladder and move onto the level itself.

During the game where I noted which stats I upgraded when, I upgraded my strength stats from level 2 to level 4, but that was all.