If you're here, you probably came from the TTLG forums, dedicated to the late Looking Glass Studios, I'm TheNightTerror over there. Not long after I joined the forums, I found out that it was possible to beat System Shock 2 with only a wrench as a weapon.

Most people didn't believe it was possible when the topic came up, I didn't either, but since I was bored I tried it, and succeeded. Since almost everyone who hasn't done it thinks it's impossible, and I was bored yet again, I thought I'd write a walkthrough on how to do it. Since I wasn't able to post each section of the walkthrough in only 1 message, and I wanted to add pretty pictures and other goodies, I figured I'd throw it all on a website.

I've had a ton of help since I first wrote the walkthrough. From people who combed through the walkthrough to people who simply pointed out small things I forgot, other info on the walkthrough, and some links to other pages, go to the extras section.

Important Change

Certain people missed my old site, and I gotta admit, it's good for nostalgia factor. Check the upper left hand corner of the screen for two icons. One triggers the classic style, the other switches back to the new style. However, the buttons don't work in Internet Explorer, so you'll need to use the links I provided to switch styles. The buttons works fine in Firefox and Opera. Have fun!