In case you want to visit other SS2 related sites, here's a list of a few!

Through The Looking Glass
My home away from home.
SShock2.com Walkthrough
A proper walkthrough, in case that's what you wanted.
The Hacker's Guide to Sin
One of the funniest things I've ever read. It now features SS2, and is just as funny as ever.
Strange Bedfellows
Has to be one of the most ... questionable, shall we say, names for a forum I've ever heard, but don't be afraid. It's actually a very handy SS2 forum specializing in mods, hosted by Kolya.
This is averroes' site, where, among other things, you can find a considerable amount of ShockEd stuff, for the bravest (or most masochistic) Shockers who can actually handle using that beast of an editor. You can also find all the SS2 FMs ever made there, I'd recommend at least playing Return to the UNN, by Blaydes99. But please, please, go easy on the female voice actress. ;-) She's just an amateur.