Here you'll find a list of downloads which I had at my old site, the last of the things this site needs to have all the goodies the old one had. Or enough for me to officially abandon the site, anyways.

This is the first video I made, it's completely silent, but shows you how to dodge protocol droid explosions, one of the stars rotating the brain of the many, and destroy Shodan's head.

This is the second video I made, although I didn't do all the work. Ever faithful Enchantermon sent me a clip he filmed of a rumbler doing the frustration dance, and then I filmed another clip of me activating the infamous basketball easter egg while the rumbler did the frustration dance off to the side.

This isn't a video, but rather, an extremely, um, "unique" is the word I want I think, audio clip I made winter '03. I used audio clips from the game, and then copy and pasted them together with sound recorder.

If you're truly insane, like me and Enchantermon, you'd probably find the idea of having a mug with 'TriOptimum wrench division' written on it quite appealing. Courtesy of Ajare, there are two logos, one blue, and the other red, which you can use. If you know a place that makes custom mugs, just take them the logo, ignore the funny looks they may give you, and you can have your very own mug!

Kolya made two little wrench icons for me, and for some reason I completely forgot to add them. There is one for the lefties, and one for the righties.


As you probably noticed in the screenshots, Enchantermon and I aren't exactly running clean installs of SS2. In case you want to know how we got our games looking like they are, here's our mods list!

The mod that alters the object textures.
Mod that alters the AI models. The complemented version has Rebirth midwives which are suitable for the kiddies, Rebirth monkeys, (which I removed) and Rebirth rumblers. I originally linked to the official site, but since it went down, I've linked you to the thread on Strange Bedfellows.
Zombe's SS2 Mod Manager
Comes with all sorts of little mods. There's a ton of colored rapiers, Enchantermon seems to be fond of the red one.