Thank you's

Even though I did most of the walkthrough myself, I still got help from various people, and it wouldn't be right to turn a blind eye to them. Here's the list, it'll probably grow as time goes on ...

Enchantermon, my right hand man, has done a ton of work for me. He was kind enough to go through the entire walkthrough and nitpick it for me. He pointed out stuff I missed, stuff I got wrong, etc., and since I believe in giving credit where credit is due, if you find something written with astericks around them, I probably editted it because he found something wrong. Mainly I'm putting them there for now just to make sure I don't miss anything.

Also, in the walkthroughs for the cargo bays, the BOTM, and Where Am I, you'll notice there's sections he wrote. I'd completely slacked off, I was half asleep when I wrote them and just recommended a full out run for safety. When he was reading over the walkthrough for me, he picked up where I left off and wrote the sections for me. He's earned a huge thank you for that one! :-)

Oh, right, and then there's all the screenshots which he took for me. We're going to be getting together screenshots for the entire walkthrough. I had planned on doing this myself at one point, but I wouldn't know where screenies would be helpful. However, as you can plainly see in the Med/Sci and Engineering deck walkthroughs, he most certainly does.

Averroes, for giving me the best Christmas present I got this year! Well, except for the 400 watt stereo I got, but that's another story. He came to me and offered me a new home for my web-site, so there's no more ads, and now I doubt there'll be any more issues with screenshots not displaying unless it's due to me screwing up the HTML formatting somewhere. He's earned a huge and hearty thank you for this! :-D

Hemebond, for recoding my site. He took the whole thing, tore it apart, and came back with one sexy new design for me. He did it just for fun, so I owe him a huge thank-you for it. It looks much better than my old hack of a site.

Marecki, for telling me of a much, MUCH easier way to take out the first camera on Med/Sci deck, and giving me notes on the walkthrough from Ops deck on, I'm pretty sure I've added them all to the walkthrough now.

EDDiego, for sending me a list of researchables, and the chemicals and research skills needed to research them. Pretty handy to have even during a normal game!

Assidragon, for unintentionally giving the web-site the motto it lacked! God save the UNN ... their weapons sure won't. Thanks, man! :-)

Ajare, for making the TriOp mug logos for me, and giving me permission to use them however I wanted. :-D

maxdmg, for some helpful info about the second nerve cluster in the BOTM, and a screenshot that proved Enchantermon and me wrong. ;-)

Kolya, for making 2 little wrench icons for fello deranged wrench only players to use. :-)

Rolander, for telling me about the damaging effects of the exploding psi reavers. I didn't remember it, since in the BOTM I was getting hurt right left and center.

FalconMWC, for reminding me about needing psi points to use some of the later implants in the game.

Dam, for posting that thread about whether it was possible to beat SS2 using only energy weapons. If he hadn't done that it would've been way longer until I discovered the rapier can harm Shodan. Even if he unintentionally helped me, I still say I oughta give him credit for that. :-)

Shevers, for immortalizing me and my walkthrough in Episodes III + IV of the TTLG Volatile movies. :-)

D'Arcy, for inadvertantly alerting me to a corpse on Engineering that had been completely missed by me and my melee only clan until 03/04/05.

And, to the insane number of people who complimented me on my walkthrough. I'd list them all, but I can't count that high, make of that what you will. ;-)